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Global catastrophic flooding

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Tuesday 05. March 2019

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I am an empath a high intuitive and psychic. There is going to be catastrophic global flooding triggered by the global military industrial complex MANMADE already installed in the ocean floor at relevant key natural tectonic plates in earths ocean floors. Earthquake triggering CATASTROPHIC GLOBAL flooding and tsunami. They are already aware of this. I have had ET and UFO interaction my whole life and they assist me in my transcommunicational channeling and allow me access to visionary realms in my lucid dream states and cosmic meditations. They could already begin moving people to higher areas but their desire is to wipe out much of humanity so that the much lesser remaining population is more easily controlled and manipulated into following the global particular US and according GLOBAL military industrial complex agenda of performing a FAKE STAGED FALSE FLAG fake man-made UFO and FAKE computerised remote controlled FAKE Alien beings and applying purposely hidden Government black-project ( hidden from the public ) mind control technologies to stage " military subsidiary FAKE ALIEN abductions on FAKE manmade UFO ( which they have already been doing since the 1950's ) all designed to FOOL the by that stage EASILY FOOLING AND TRICKING the already shook up vulnerable remaining population INTO BELIEVING their mind polluting agenda THAT ALIENS and their UFO are a threat. WHICH THEY ARE NOT. This false "aliens and UFO are a threat agenda HAS BEEN IN PLACE SINCE THE 1950s and is rolling out to plan. To this minute this agenda IS BEING reinforced BY AND INCLUDING VIA WORLD WIDE GLOBAL purposely controlled and manipulated HOLLYWOOD MOVIES and TV and print and online media that these REAL Extraterrestrial Aliens and their divine celestial UFO are a threat to humanity AND Earth - ALL to trick and FOOL YOU AND YOUR FAMILY INTO believing that they are a threat by believing the upcoming WORLD WIDE GLOBAL HUMAN MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX staged HOAX FAKE man-made UFO and MANMADE Alien is real , ALL to TRICK AND FOOL YOU INTO VOTING YES to allowing THE GLOBAL BARBARIC MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and GLOBAL Governments TO PLACE WEAPONS IN SPACE - turning Earth into a human enslaved prison camp. I have had numerous visual premonitions and been consciously present at the exact moment in " time " these tidal waves strike by being by various families and individuals at the moment the water hits. I will never forget the look on the ladies face having a loving lovely quiet meal together in a beautiful scenic restraunt as the water slams into and then through the windows by their table. Her face is the last thing I remember. For more information you can see my numerous warnings throughout my Instagram accounts at It is going to occur between November 15 and December 2021 Globally. Particularly San Francisco California and Australia and New Zealand, Thailand and USA particularly Florida It is alot of pressure to carry but it is part of my higher spiritual path to further announce this unfolding event to empower and enlighten people of this - without pounding them with it - they either recieve the information or they don't. I only authentically communicate it when requested by higher self and channeling. What people do with this information is up to them. Communication closed **** Namaste *****

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Globally. Particularly San Francisco California and Australia and New Zealand, Thailand and USA particularly Florida

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It is going to occur between November 15 and December 2021

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Dr Steven Greer

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I have had numerous over the past year

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