Premonition report

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The premonition in one sentence

I experienced an earthquake.

The date on which the premonition happened

Wednesday 07. December 2016

Premonition type


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Description in detail

I was sound asleep. A sudden earthquake woke me up. It felt real. It woke me up. Wide awake. I couldn't tell if it was a dream or if it had really happened. There were no signs or aftereffects in my immediate environment, so I concluded it must have been a dream. But it didn't feel like a dream. It felt real. And it rode me, heavy on my psyche all day.

Location of the premonition author

Felton, CA 95018

Where the premonition happens

Felton, CA 95018

Was the premonition fulfilled?


Precis last response (premonition fulfilled)

Not yet.

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Personal conclusions about the premonition

I followed it up by securing some items in my household workshop.

More premonitions of author

Yes. Premonition is a normal part of my life.

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