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Bombings on trains

The date on which the premonition happened

Sunday 21. June 2015

Premonition type

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Awoke early Sunday morning and was listening to news on radio. Radio had not actually been on.

Description in detail

I was listening to a female newsreader on radio, saying bombs had gone off in London trains. 54 people had died and hundreds injured. I woke my partner to tell him, as I was quite upset by the news, telling him what I just heard on the radio. He looked at me very strange, asked if i was awake, then reached over and turned the radio on! I was certain that I heard it on the radio, but it was never on. Around 2 weeks later, it happened.

Location of the premonition author

Sydney Australia

Where the premonition happens

London UK

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I heard 54 people died, and not buses, only trains. Close enough to freak me out.

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Not sure. Sometimes I'll hear something on the news, always radio, and it's not on again next hour

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