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Wednesday 15. October 2014

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I am a fifty-six year old female living in North Florida who was born with a strong intuition. I've had many premonitions, before this one, but usually keep them to myself or share them with a close friend. However, this one is different, in light of the terrorist treats facing our nation. I have been experiencing this overwhelming sense of dread or doom. My sleep pattern is becoming increasingly irregular, because of it. I have been crying a lot too, and filled with great sadness. I am becoming increasingly nervous - edgy. It is always the same, whenever I sense something bad is about to occur. It is usually isolated to myself or someone close to me. I told someone dear to me, this afternoon, that I felt something terrible is about to occur. At the time, and as is often the case. I could not get a direct grasp of what it might be. Then, this evening I felt it was going to occur in the middle of the country - Midwest. Now, at 9:28 pm on October 15, 2014, I received a strong sense that it could be during the World Series. It was after, I read online that the Kansas City Royals, Kansas City, MO are going to the series. I do not follow baseball anymore and so, was unaware that Kansas City was doing so well. I am hoping, that I am wrong, because I sense that it is going to be on a much larger scale of loss of life and mayhem, beyond the Boston Bombings and more like another 911. I sense a lot of sorrow, many injured and much loss of life.. I wish, I knew, someone trustworthy that I could tell who could prevent this from happening. I am writing it tonight to document what I have received thus far. I am hoping, this information will find its way to the right individuals that can deter and apprehend the potential perpetrators, before it actually occurs. Again, I stress, that I hope this information I've received is wrong!!!

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I am an empath and was born or inherited a keen sense of knowing from when I was a young child. I have always been extremely intuitive and have the ability to know, before something happens. Although, I don't always get a clear sense of what it might be. However, as I've matured, I am learning to listen and believe more and that has increased the accuracy. First, I get a sense of something about to happen. Then, after focusing my intent on knowing what it could be. I will receive the information either through images or just a sense of knowing and sometimes a bit of both.

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