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Wednesday 03. September 2014

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I am a female, Sri Lankan Malay and live in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I have had dreams/premonitions since the age of thirteen. First of all I would like to narrate a dream I had of one of my three children. My Elder Son – I was pregnant with my eldest son and he was due in mid April 1968. April is a very hot and humid month in my country. One day around the first week of April I could not sleep in my bedroom because I felt very sweaty and bothered. So I decided to sleep on the balcony adjoining my room. I was fast asleep when I suddenly heard a noise just above my head. I woke up and saw a large black cat staring at me. I got scared and shooed the cat away. The cat jumped onto the wall and then to the garden below. We did not have cats in our house or stray cats in the garden and I wondered from where the cat came. I fell asleep again and then I dreamt the words “BE CAREFUL, GOD IS WITH YOU” in big, bold letters. My beautiful baby boy was born on 18th April. I returned from the Nursing home after four days. On the second day of my arrival home I noticed that my stomach had bloated and I was in terrible pain. I immediately consulted a doctor who asked me to get admitted to hospital. At the hospital the doctor examined me and said that I was having urine infection and I was lucky to have come to the hospital if not my bladder would have burst and I would have died. The black cat appearing on the balcony was a bad omen and God gave me a warning and saved me as per the words appearing in my dream. My daughter - Mid-December 1971 I dreamt that I was walking towards a large garden which was at an elevation. There was a house with an open verandah and people in white were all sitting silently and they looked very sad. There were a row of cars by the side of the road. The atmosphere was one of sorrow. When I went up to the middle of the garden, my paternal uncle (who had died about fifteen years before) appeared by my side and gave me a white sheet of paper and said “You will be alright”. I took the piece of paper but did not read the contents of it. I was eight months pregnant at that time. I told about this dream to my family, but they all took it lightly. On Christmas day – December 25th 1971 – my late uncle’s 24 year old son paid us a surprise visit. We were very happy to see him as he rarely came to see us. From the time he came he was restless and was pacing the balcony. We were wondering why he looked so perturbed but nobody asked him

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My maternal grandmother and father has had premonitions/dreams which I think I have inherited from them. I am from a family of nine and I am the only one who is experiencing these premonitions and dreams. I see mainly deaths.

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