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Saturday 09. August 2014

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I am a girl, age 12 years and 25 days, I live in the Philippines. I predict about what would the answer of my math teacher's question which is "what is the square root of 900?" because before she will tell the answer, my mind just said to myself that the answer is 30 and my teacher asked me if I was sure. I told her yes and after we solve the question the answer was really 30. And I have this another prediction that my mind just suddenly said that my friend, Rein, is coming so what I did is to wait then a minute ago Rein did actually came to my house. Lastly I have this thing in my mind that someone is using my laptop then I went upstairs and my cousin is actually watching a movie on my laptop.

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I become calm then some messages just entered my mind telling me that it is going to happen. I don't know if I'm just that smart or I do have predictions. Just telling. When It enters my mind I'll check if it will really happen and it does. If you were to tell your prediction you should have a record that you really did predict it.

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