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Plane bound for destruction

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Friday 25. July 2014

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Male, 38 from Scotland UK. Live in Glasgow and have always had visions and dreams that sometimes come to pass. Sometimes I interpret the visions or dreams slightly wrongly but other times have been very close. I haven't only recently started documenting my visions and dreams as they have been getting stronger and more frequent. My premonition or prediction On 14th July 2014 I was feeling overwhelmed with what I call feelings so I lay down and tried to nap to let it pass, sometimes this feeling passes without event and I don't get or don't remember the premonition. However this time it was the strongest it had ever been. I fell asleep and began to dream. I dreamt of escaping a plane bound for destruction, running through a city on fire I met military who I over heard saying two big events had happened (In the dream I was thinking of a third but it was fleeting and so dismissed it), and after reaching the crash events I saw bodies in the wreckage which I saw as cars?. I met a family who I took to be alive in the dream (Maybe the ghosts of victims though) who asked to use my phone to call their family, but the phone wasn't working. After I woke I knew this was a strong premonition and the feelings were still fresh and raw, so I took to twitter and posted a series of date stamped messages summarising the dream. 3 Days later two big planes crashed or were otherwise brought out of the sky, one was in a war zone (city on fire) and the other in a remote desert. MH17 and AH5017 in short succession. The third wasn't as big and although I didn't document it on twitter it did resonate with my thoughts in the dream. 14th July 2014: I wrote the date on the twitter message as 14th August but meant to write 14th July however the date stamp on the message is the date I had the dream.

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