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Thursday 17. July 2014

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The early morning hours of July 1, 2014 I had one of those 'realer-than-real' dreams of an immense cloud (white) coming over the entire world like a curtain or shade being pulled - then there appeared a large passenger plane that came out from above those clouds as they continued covering the world and the plane clearly now proceeded the clouds. I was with my ex from Sacramento and my daughter and her two children, which seemed odd, but not extremely important. That morning I wrote this on my calendar: Dream re: plane destroying the world - with GJ, Jo, Joz, Jonas & me. Today is 7/17/14 and I believe the passenger plane I saw in the dream was the Malaysian flight that was shot down this AM. I am now most concerned about the cloud covering the earth that followed that plane. The significance of my relatives in the dream I equate to on 7/14/14 Jo left GJ in Sacramento to travel to my home in Oregon with Joz and Jonas to spend time with me on their way home to No. Oregon. No biggie - just time placement. The biggie is the cloud - It is a terrible feeling to be left with as the plane DIDN'T destroy the world - the world destroyed the plane and what remains is the cloud covering everything. God help us all - I have no further info or feelings - just that it is very possible this plane being shot down is the start of some impending cloud over us all.

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I had this dream the morning of July 1st 2014 and, although confounding, was easily remembered and reviewed upon waking. In fact, I cannot easily remember the people references now, but I can easily see the video of the fast moving curtain of clouds and the plane as it is burned in my usually forgetful memory.

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