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Died and came back

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Wednesday 25. June 2014

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I am a girl that died and came back after tyring to help someone 7 and a half years ago. Ever since, my abilities that I tried so hard to ignore before have gotten stronger and have become a disruption in my life. So rather than ignore them any more, I am going to try and expand them. I was at my doctors office and looked at y x-ray. There was a new break in my pelvis that no one else saw but me. I had my vision that I will brake my hip soon. I don't know how, or why. But it looks like it will be very painful. I see events that ends up either being something being bad in the future, or I sense something about the coming future in a vision that no one can see but me. Then it always comes true. I have heard spirits and seen them as well after my accident. I died and came back and did not tell anyone what I have experienced due to the crazy label that goes along with it.

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It comes in a flash, while I am awake, just going about my day. No dreams, no weird feelings except for afterwards. I would like to learn these skills better. They have increased after my death and shock back to life. ;-)

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