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We could see each other

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Wednesday 25. June 2014

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I'm an average guy in year 10 in England. I enjoy sports for the fun and have many friends in school. We always have a great time and laugh because of it. I'm male, 15 and I live in South Ruislip, England. I had a dream about a girl at my school about a week ago. She called me on facebook messenger and it went to some sort of video call where I could see her. She seemed to of put her phone down and was wearing clothes (obviously) the room she was in seemed to be her bedroom. And I must admit it was pretty big. I think she may or may not of had a friend in the room. I somehow done something that allowed me to do the same option that she did, and so we could see each other. At the time of this phone thing it was day time and I was in my tiny bedroom. The door was open and I believe I could hear my dad talking to my mum. I was in my school clothes, and lying of my front on my bed. This is all it was but it felt like a future foreshadowing. I have a feeling that if I say no this future dream I had would not happen, but I think if I said yes it would happen somehow, considering my phone isn't very capable of doing many things as it is 2 years old and really slow.

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I had a feeling she liked me since she added me and started talking to me, and has been now since we met for the first time at a rounders club about 4 weeks ago on Tuesday 4pm. And now she sent me a message saying "Will you go out with me??" and just went off of facebook. (Probably embarassed and hoping for a positive response). I played it safe saying some random things about sports day. Then said "Uhh ok? What time and place?" And she still hasn't replied.

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