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Sensed the birth of my nephew

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Wednesday 11. July 2012

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I have had premonitions for the past 30 years and they are proven to have been accurate. I sensed the birth of my first nephew back in 1979 while I was stationed in the Air Force in Greece, by sister was living in Amarillo, Texas. She was in her 5th month of pregnancy when I started asking her how my nephew was. 4 months later she gave birth to her first son. When she got pregnant with her second child, I sensed the birth of her daughter in her 5th month. 9 months later, she gave birth to her daughter. I met my current wife while I was stationed in Cheyenne, Wyoming. When she got pregnant with our first child, I sensed and saw our daughter (in my wife's 5th month) 7 years in the future and saw her ridding a red tricycle with white handle bar grips and white tassels from each handle bar. She was riding her trike down an asphalt street with no curbs and as she turned to ride back to me, I squatted (with hands out in front of me to welcome her back) and saw her with blonde hair. I did not know why I saw the blonde hair, neither of our families have blonde hair. 7 years later I had bought her a red tricycle for Christmas with white handle bar grips and white tassels (not applying anything to any previous dream). We were living in a trailer park, it was late on a Sunday evening. As she rode off into the distance and turned around, I squatted to welcome her back (as previously seen) and saw the sunlight shinning through her thin hair as a snapshot out of time. My sister had gotten used to me seeing the future and one day, I called her up and told her mom was going to pass away in a year and described exactly how she would be found. My sister was having mom call her to make sure she was ready for work, and a year later, mom didn't call her. Sister went to find out what was wrong with her and found her exactly the way I described a year earlier. I know I've saved my son's life twice in his life and he's only 22 years old today. When he was in his 11th grade, I pulled him off his football team because I saw in a vision, him getting tackled on a field goal run and dying from the "dog pile" from a heart attach. 2 years later, he had a physical and the doctor told us that his heart wasn't built (created) right and that if he ever got an direct impact to the chest (heart area), he would suffer from a heart attach. I have seen my future several times and even after not effecting the known outcome, I've experienced the outcome I witnessed previously.

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I am a male 52 years old and live in Round Rock, Texas. My wife and I have been married 30+ wonderful years and we have two wonderful children. A 30 year old daughter, a 22 year old son. God has blessed us with watching over us and taking care of all four of us for the past many years.

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