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Hit by a black car

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Saturday 12. May 2012

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I was hit by a black car on the left hand side of my body. A second one occurred but it was a red car. My previous premonitions have a pattern - if it happens to me, in reality it happens to another person and vice versa. This time, the cars hit me, so believe it will happen to somebody else. Earlier today I learned that a friend is buying a car. I knew it was black and told him to make sure it is fully safe and to be careful. He said 'I don't do careful, it's boring!!' I had the same premonition a few weeks ago and immediately thought of him. He hasn't had a car in quite some time and now that he is financially back on his feet he is buying one - tomorrow. I had no idea he was even thinking of buying a car again. I had goosepimples all over today when he told me about buying this car, sent a shiver through my spine.

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First time I was sat on my door step having a cigarette. I felt like I had been hit by the car myself. Second time I had a vision.

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