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Officer Schneider

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Tuesday 08. April 2014

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It was a few days after our school went into lock down & an officer was shot & put in the hospital. I was texting my boyfriend and he said he was at a funeral, instantly my first thought was "Officer Schneider" & I'd had enough of these to know that Officer Schneider was going to die. A few days later I thought I could look into it a little. So I just thought to myself "Officer Schneider" & I was in the hospital room that my grandfather was recently in, just above the bed & I saw a woman with a brunette perm down to her shoulders wearing a blue v-neck long sleeved shirt, she looked in her late 40's-early 50's. A girl sitting in a chair, she had light brown long hair, about 7 years old, her feet didn't touch the floor, & I couldn't make out her face but I knew she was the younger version of a girl I go to school with. And I saw a green slushie in a blue cup that you get from Kwik Trip sitting on the tray attached to the bed. Then a few days later I was watching T.V. & my mom asked if I wanted a slushie from Kwik Trip, then right before she left she got a notification on her phone saying that Officer Schneider had just died in the same hospital room I saw. The woman & the girl I'm still trying to figure out.

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