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Monday 30. April 2012

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When I was 20 (yes over 30 years ago now) I had a vivid 5 sense vision of an explosion that caste a cloud of smoke over the entire Earth. I was sitting in a lecture at an Ohio college and felt compelled to close my eyes. I did and I immediately saw a crystal clear vision of the Earth. I felt like I had an ethereal body and I was above the Earth looking down from space. Smoke appeared in northern Europe and then encircle the Earth. After three rotations, it was well below the equator. I zoomed below the cloud and landed in Frankfurt. I was shocked at the vividness of the vision. I was in a class, so opened my eyes, but the vision remained vividly for 5 weeks. I saw great devastation in Germany in particular and contamination of water and soil around the planet. People & buildings in the blast zone looked like they were burned by something caustic, but many had avoided this and were helping others. There were many deaths. I heard, smelled, felt and even tasted all of this. I believed it to be summer. This went on for 5 weeks day and night, eyes closed or open. It was in addition to my normal thoughts, like I had 2 brains going at once, but the vision was sharper than I am capable of in my normal thoughts. It was like a 5 sense movie experience being streamed into my head-crystal clear. Later that year I went to Germany, it was my first time there, but I recognized Frankfurt from my vision. In Berlin, I saw people on the street and would then see them in their moment of the event. Some were badly hurt, some dead, some OK. I believe the event happened over a much greater area, but I was personally focused on Germany because of my study there. Nothing I thought had any effect on the vision. The event would cause greater death around the planet due to starvation and thirst in the following years. After 5 weeks I had lost 15 lbs. I begged and begged for the vision to be removed. For a fraction of a second I saw fields of flowers, I nearly passed out and then it all went away. I could remember, but not see the specific vivid detail like before. Now my guess is that Iceland will blow up big time. I was not shown this specifically. No thought I had had any effect on the vision stream. I was shown what I was shown. Last year I received the message of "August 7". Only those words, visually and audibly shouted-no year given-frustrating. I sort of feel my death is concurrent or that I will die just before the event. I do not know why.

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No trick, just spontaneous. I felt compelled to close my eyes in the middle of a college lecture. I did not put it together until this past year, but this vision came to me in the Spring of 1980. Mt. St. Helens blew May 18th. Our classes ended in late May, so the vision would have likely occurred in April. I thought I was going crazy, so I did not tell anyone and did not record it until later. I feel no connection of the two, but that is weird.

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