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He always looks fierce

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Wednesday 26. February 2014

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2-26-2014 – Night of 25th morning of 26th.

Dreamed that I was at a Dow Chemical invited community update (there is one set for March 5th that I was invited to attend)

I was in section A which was looking at the stage all the way to the right. The room was more an amphitheater setting, but with church style benches and the floor did not slope down a great deal. In fact very slightly if any. (This is not the set-up for the meeting for next week-that is more a ballroom setting)

I was sitting to the left side of the section about ¾ of the way back. A man and two colleagues came in the section and said loudly point out the Dow speaker or something similar. Didn’t say the name. I thought Earl Shipp, but upon waking and reflection he could have been referring to Andrew Liveris. My first thought was he was a sniper and he did have some bags with him. We all looked at each other and no one wanted to say anything. Some lady said, “he always looks fierce.” This is not the least bit true. He just watched all of us and sat his bags on a bench to the back of the left rows of our section towards the back. Never really had any strong impressions of the guys with him. The spokesman was dark tan, close cropped dark brown straight hair, square type face and head, not Asian I don’t think. Sturdily built. 6 footish 210 or so, but not fat.

They did not take up our cell phones or anything. Just stood looking over the crowd and watching us. No one was on stage at this point and I did not see anyone I knew and people were still coming in. I had not seen Earl or Liveris, yet. I wanted to text someone, but I had not silenced my phone as yet and knew it would draw attention and again I didn’t know who to text since I didn’t see anyone I knew.

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