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In my dream I am in a very tall building

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Monday 17. March 2014

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I had a dream 24 April 2013, where I woke up saying over and over in my head.

50 Hudson Street, 50 Hudson Street. In my dream I am in a very tall building. I feel nervous and uneasy. I want to get down. I look at my feet and I am wearing white flip flops. There are security men around. White Shirts. I feel I am in America, I feel New Jersey.

21 February 2014 I have a dream about a white plane. Looking from a distance I can see the plane descending, something is wrong but everything is quiet, no noise, no crash. I tell the person I am with to run away from the plane. Don't know who I am with. The number 6 seems significant. Not sure why.

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