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Saw Coffin in Friend's Face

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Wednesday 09. April 2014

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I had a dream on Monday night April 7 about 2 close friends who are getting married on Saturday April 12, 2014. In the dream I went by their house but was greeted by a grieving Nicole, as her Fiance' had passed away.

This dream stayed with me as I woke [which is uncommon for me] and through the day I could not shake the feeling of dread.

Today is Wednesday April 9th and the feeling of dread and anxiety is stronger than before. i was driving to the gym and I saw my friends face in what looked like a coffin. the background behind his hair was white silky fabric and his eyes were closed and his hands were folded across his chest.

I can't seem to shake the image in my head now or the terrible anxiety and feeling of dread.

I had the very same feeling of dread and anxiety in January after a friends daughter had a terrible car accident. I knew the following day she was not going to survive, even thought I had no basis for this knowing.. the following day after that was when i experienced the intense feeling of dread.. I did not know until a few hours later that she had passed at the very hour I experienced the dread.

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