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Sunday 04. May 2014

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The other day I was driving down the road, I commonly use. In this one spot there is always cars parked on the side, I have never not seen car parked here and I have been deriving this stretch for many years. I have never seem a police radar trap here, ever. They have been on this road before but never in this spot. As I turned onto this road, I had a strange feeling. I looked down the road in the direction of this spot where there was always cars parked and I instantly put my foot on the brake, it was completely unthinking, totally automatic. I was doing about 65 in a 50 zone, kilometres. I was quite a distance back not in radar range or visual range of anything other than these cars that were always parked there. There was something about one vehicle that was parked there. seeing it is what caused me to unconsciously brake. When I get closer a police officer stepped out from the cars and pointed his radar gun at my car. I wasn't speeding!!!

Later that day I was at home in the kitchen pouring myself a glass of water, I put the jug down that I was pouring from and turned around and picked up this package of probiotics that I have on my counter and started to read the name out loud. I thought this was rather odd behaviour, put the box down a little perplexed that I had just done that unthinkingly, and continued to pour my water. About two minutes later my IPad dings that I have a message. I go to look and see what the message says and it is from one of my sisters asking what the name of the probiotics is that I said she needed to get, the name i was just reading unconsciously.

The next day my son wants me to come downstairs and look at the new bike he has just bought. As I walk into his room to see his bike, the first thing my eyes go to is the tires, and they kind of stay there looking at the tires on this beautiful new bike. I haven't even actually seen the bike because my eyes won't leave the back tire. He asked me what I think and it snaps my attention to the rest of the bike frame and appearance. Of course I tell him it is a beautiful new bike, all the while the only thing that is going through my head is that he is going to get flat tire, and I am trying to decide if I should say anything or not. I decide not to dismissing the thought and carry on with my day. Two days later my son phones me and says he has a flat tire and needs a ride to work.

My life is full of these sort of moments. I have just been reflecting and hoping for some direction

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