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Tuesday 20. May 2014

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I have had several premonitions over the course of time. My first was the about how my life would change soon My mom and god both explained to me that I would be experiencing a life altering event which did happen. They let me know I would be safe and now a new person would be here soon. They had me seeing and feeling my daughters born to their dad. It happened within a three year time span. I then had the next set of dreams with my mom and god again about my next life change and how there would be all my family and friends there to help. My ex-husband was at work in the dream and he fell to the ground .I saw him going in the ambulance and riding to the hospital with him. I was also there when he dies. My mom said not to worry things will be all right. I thought he had a heart attack in the dream but 4 years later he died from hitting his head on the bathtub. Lately I have had the dreams again about the person I am with now. My mom and god are again in the dream. This time it's a like a news story for a very serious accident, I see a person in a truck change from one face to the person I am with now crashing into the cars etc. I then see the tail end of a motorcycle which we have and the plate number 5CJ542 I woke up after that. It took me several days to look at the plate number on the bike as I didn't know what it was. It matched. My mom and his mom who I just talked to last week had told me not to worry about him She will see him soon and that he has some work to do before going to where they are. I have talked to a lady whose has physic abilities and read tarot. I told about my dreams I have been having and she showed the lines of where we will be in line. Mine continues and his stops. She doesn't tell people if she sees death because it upsets them but she had my mom there and told me. I have also recently had the dreams where my mom and god have let me know of 2 other people I may lose whose Initials are JOA and JAN, She wants me to warn them to take care and be safe. I also had a premonition for the lady who reads my tarot as she was having an over whelming feeling of bad sprits from a friends house. I asked my mom to show what is following her. My mom and god showed me in a dream about a woman running from aboriginal people from about 140 years about. She was caught by then and killed. The tribe did not agree with what their men were doing. I came across an open field with a ring of ancients ones crying in pure white dress and costume.

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